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(Editor:Jay 12/11/2014)

9GameThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 on our website was set to hit theaters May 2nd, Marvel and Gameloft got into the swing of things by releasing a tie-in game for mobile. Throughout Spidey's latest adventure, you'll work your way through New York City, collecting clues, stopping secondary crimes, pleasing fans and encountering old foes, including the villainous Venom and Electro, among others. It's all in a day's work for Spider-Man.

With this in mind, become the ultimate super hero with these Spider-Man 2 tips and tricks.

How do I get around New York City in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Most of the time, you'll swing your way across the Big Apple. Jump off a building and you'll be able to initiate a web swing by holding down on the screen once you're in mid-air. Be sure to release and press it again to initiate a new swing to keep moving.

In addition, you can also perch and climb up the sides of buildings, and run around the city on foot. This is usually the best way to reach objectives, as sometimes your swinging will cause your character to go so fast he passes right by the marker. Find a secure spot and walk your way up - there's usually no time limit, so you can get there with ease.

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