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(Editor:Jay 12/12/2014)
9GameThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 on our website was set to hit theaters May 2nd, Marvel and Gameloft got into the swing of things by releasing a tie-in game for mobile. Throughout Spidey's latest adventure, you'll work your way through New York City, collecting clues, stopping secondary crimes, pleasing fans and encountering old foes, including the villainous Venom and Electro, among others. It's all in a day's work for Spider-Man.

How do I fight enemies in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

You'll come across comic book villains and other thugs throughout New York City. To fight them, get close enough to engage a quick web attack so you come in swinging. From there, you'll have access to melee strikes and web moves, which you can combine together into seamless combos.

If an enemy is about to hit you from behind - which is indicated with red lines appearing right above their heads - hit the counterattack button. You'll initiate a quick move that will stop them from chipping away at your energy, and look slick in the process.

Don't worry about homing in on a certain enemy when fighting groups. Spidey will automatically face the thug closest to him, so you can take him out first. Be sure to watch for attacks from behind!

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